Musten & Crutchfield's First Building

Childern - Robert and Ned Stuart Jr.

John C. Musten Sr.

Meat case is full, Mr. Musten is ready to serve.

John C. Musten Sr. & Waymer Musten

This photo was taken in 1944.

Inside look at Musten & Crutchfield's first store.

A busy day at the store.

Dace Crutchfield

Sweeping in front of our second store front.

John C. Musten Sr.

Working in the meat market.

Inside second store

Notice the "original" credit card machine.

Vintage ad from 1944

Kernersville News ad from 1944.

Vintage ad

Prices & phone number is no longer valid.

Vintage ad

Sometime between 1938 and 1948

Vintage ads

Another Kernersville News ads.

75th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating 75 Years in business, 2013.

Front of third store.

Circa 1976

John Crutchfield

Small Changes - 2011 - Kernersville News

Louise Crutchfield

Kernersville News - February 9, 1989

Jason Lambert

A Chain Reaction - Kernersville News

Governor Pat McCrory - NC Governor 2013-2017

Kernersville News - April 4th 2013

John C. Musten Sr. & Elva Musten

Portrait by Don C. Shaver - 1972

Everett D. Crutchfield & Louise Crutchfield

Portrait by Don C. Shaver - 1980